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Dr. Vanyo and Patient - Dental Treatments in Durham, NC
Dr. Vanyo and Children - Family Dental Services in Durham, NC
Dr. Vanyo Performing Dental Treatment - Restorative and Cosmetic Dentistry Services in Durham, NC
Dr. Vanyo Holding Child - Dental Services in Durham, NC

We Care About You

As a general dentist in Durham, NC, Dr. Vanyo makes your concerns and wishes his priority. Our long-established family office exists to serve you, and not just with procedures alone.
Rather than telling you what treatments you need, we explain your mouth's current situation, and the options available to remedy any problems. At Vanyo Dentistry, you also receive an informative description of all offered procedures. By letting you make the call on what procedures you receive, we make visiting the dentist a breeze.
Your concerns and goals for a better smile matter to us. Let our friendly staff and Dr. Vanyo help you achieve the best version of your already amazing smile.