Dental Bridges

Dental Bridges in Durham, NC

While dental care has improved, many people still suffer tooth loss, particularly from tooth decay, periodontal or gum disease, and injury. Once your teeth fall out or are extracted, do everything possible to have them replaced. If you allow the voids where the teeth were positioned before to remain unfilled with artificial teeth, you could have problems with your jaw, oral hygiene, bite alignments, or even risk other teeth falling out too.

Vanyo Dentistry provides quality dental bridges to replace missing teeth permanently. When you visit Dr. Stephen Vanyo, you will be provided with various options for replacing lost teeth. Bridges are a choice if you have healthy teeth on adjacent sides of the gap.

What is a Dental Bridge?

A dentist in Durham, NC, uses a dental bridge to replace missing teeth using false teeth, also known as pontics. A bridge is fitted and attached to the nearby sides of the gap where there are healthy teeth. A dental bridge in Durham, NC, can be made of metal, porcelain, a mixture of metal and porcelain, or zirconia, a relatively new material in dentistry.

Dental Bridge Procedure Details

A dentist near you does mouth exams, ensuring no decay or gum disease. If any of these or other oral issues are present, they are first eradicated. The dentist may also perform X-ray imaging. The healthy teeth where the bridge will be secured are filed down. Additionally, the dentist obtains a mouth impression to make the bridge.

A short-term bridge is provided when you are waiting for the lasting bridge. Once ready, you will come in for the final restoration fitting. The permanent bridge is placed and cemented onto the surrounding healthy teeth. At times, dental implants may be used to anchor the bridge, helping create stability of the bridge. In this case, the implants are inserted into the jaw.

Contact Vanyo Dentistry to meet Dr. Stephen Vanyo, who will walk you through the process of receiving dental bridges near you. It will help improve and preserve your bite function, health, appearance, and strength.

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