Dental Extractions

Dental Extractions in Durham, NC

Has Dr. Stephen Vanyo recommended a tooth extraction? Please set your anxieties at rest as extractions are almost as pain-free as fillings. Thanks to advanced sedation dentistry, there is no pain during tooth extractions.

When Do You Need an Extraction?

Our experienced dentist will work hard to save your tooth as far as possible. However, an extraction may be the best solution under certain circumstances:

Orthodontic Treatment

An overcrowded dentition can increase the risks of developing gum disease, worn down enamel, and bad breath as it’s difficult to clean between the teeth. Our trained dentist in Durham, NC, may need to pull out one or more teeth for better balance and harmony.

Severely Damaged Tooth

If the tooth structure is damaged due to acute decay, extraction may be the best way to prevent the spread of infection. It’s much better to visit Vanyo Dentistry when you first experience pain or discomfort. We may be able to retain the tooth by performing root canal treatment.

Decayed or Impacted Wisdom Tooth

Wisdom teeth are prone to impaction under the gums as they erupt last and are located behind the molars. An impacted, cracked or infected wisdom tooth may cause severe toothache and may need an emergency extraction in Durham, NC.

If ignored, an impacted wisdom tooth can affect the integrity of adjacent teeth.

What to Know About Broken Tooth Extraction

Tooth extractions may be simple or surgical, depending on the nature of the roots and location of the tooth. If the tooth is impacted, Dr. Stephen Vanyo will make a small incision in the gums and break the tooth into pieces before extracting the tooth.

The good news is that you will remain relaxed and comfortable throughout the extraction process. We will administer oral sedation or, in extreme cases, general anesthesia, to ensure patient wellbeing. Patients usually need two to three days’ rest to recover fully after the extraction procedure.

Our skilled dentist will also prescribe painkillers or other medication to control post-extraction discomfort. If you need help with a damaged, impacted, decayed or painful tooth, please contact Vanyo Dentistry to book an appointment today.

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