Dental Veneers

Dental Veneers in Durham, NC

Veneers are an innovative dental product designed to enhance the general appearance of the teeth. A dentist near you places veneers on the front teeth. The shells are fitted on the sides of teeth that other people see when you smile. At Vanyo Dentistry, we are proud that our patients can improve their smile appearance from our range of cosmetic procedures.

Dental veneers are thin, stain resistant, and quite durable to counter the natural tear and wear of the teeth that happen daily. Talk to Dr. Stephen Vanyo if you have tooth imperfections that require correction, such as heavily discolored teeth or too square or round teeth for your face. Veneers in Durham, NC, are an ideal choice for fixing not only the shape, size, and color but also minor spacing and alignment issues of teeth.

Who Needs Veneers?

You can be a candidate for tooth veneers near you if you have badly discolored teeth that have failed to respond to professional whitening. People with misaligned teeth or small gaps between teeth can also benefit from veneers, particularly if they do not want to wear braces. Those with chipped or uneven teeth can get veneers. The veneers will smooth out your chipped teeth and make teeth that have been shortened from grinding or bruxism appear longer, just like the other teeth.

Veneers Procedure Details

A dentist in Durham, NC, shaves down a small bit of your teeth’s enamel to make room for the shells. Through this tooth preparation, the veneer shells can adhere to the teeth properly without impeding the patient’s bite. A teeth impression is then obtained and used to make your veneers.

You, in the meantime, get interim veneers which will serve you temporarily as the final shells are being fabricated. The interim veneers are removed during your second appointment, and the lasting ones are fitted. After checking to ensure the final veneers are properly fitting, they are cemented in place.

Speak with Dr. Stephen Vanyo if you need veneers near you. At Vanyo Dentistry, we provide quality, durable veneers.

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