Oral Cancer Screenings

Oral Cancer Screenings in Durham, NC

Oral cancer is a growing problem in people aged 40 and above, especially among drinkers, smokers, and smokeless tobacco users. If detected and treated early, oral cancer has 83 percent odds of being cured. Vanyo Dentistry wants you to come to our office to be screened for oral cancer if you haven’t done it lately.

Early oral cancer screenings in Durham, NC, can help you begin treatment early and increase survival chances. It would help if you never overlooked the need to screen yourself for mouth cancer. You want to avoid making a mistake where the disease will be caught when it has progressed. Even if you visit a dentist in Durham, NC, always ask them about oral cancer screening.

Dr. Stephen Vanyo understands that early detection of anomalies that develop within the tissues of the mouth, lips, and throat, is crucial in preventing potentially severe health problems from developing, for example, oral cancer.

Symptoms of Oral Cancer

Symptoms include:

  1. Thickening, swellings, bumps, lumps, crusts, rough spots, or eroded areas of gums, lips, and other areas
  2. White, red, or speckled patches within the mouth
  3. Loss of feeling, numbness, tenderness, or pain in areas of the mouth, face, or neck
  4. Unexplained bleeding within the mouth
  5. Soreness in the throat
  6. Hoarseness or chronic sore throat, including change in voice
  7. Changes in how dentures or teeth fit or close together

Our Oral Cancer Screening Process

A dentist near you will ask you about any unusual symptoms you might have had recently and your medical history. This happens during your regular exams. The dentist checks the oral cavity, including the cheek lining, lips, gums, and the tongue’s front part. The dentist inspects the mouth floor roof.

Additionally, the throat or pharynx and the tonsils are checked. It is normal for the dentist to feel the neck and jaw areas for any abnormalities or lumps. Further screening, such as a biopsy, may be done depending on the visual and physical examination.

Visit Vanyo Dentistry to meet Dr. Stephen Vanyo, who will conduct oral cancer screening near you. Early detection can help to better treatment outcomes. Contact us today!

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