Periodontal Treatment

Periodontal Treatment in Durham, NC

Treating gum disease helps foster good oral health and bite function. Gum or periodontal disease infects many people in America. The CDC’s analysis shows that approximately 47.2 percent of people in America have gum disease characterized as subtle, moderate, or advanced. Oral hygiene and regular dental checks are vital for preventing periodontal diseases.

Our dentist in Durham, NC, can help you combat gum disease or manage its progression. Our dentist at Vanyo Dentistry will evaluate the state of your gum disease and provide treatment based on its stage and how you can respond to the treatments we provide.

What Treatment Do We Offer?

Gum disease, such as gingivitis, can easily be reversed in its primary stage. It becomes difficult to cure when it has progressed to periodontitis, the advanced and more damaging stage. Though periodontitis isn’t curable, a dentist can control it.

Non-surgical Treatment

We use non-surgical therapies for gum disease when the disease is still young. Our dental specialist may prescribe antibiotics to contain inflammation. The antibiotics may take the form of mouth rinses that can clean grooves between the teeth surfaces and gums. Our dentist also does root planing and scaling to ward off tartar, plaque, and bacteria.

Cleaning the tooth’s root reduces the risk of future plaque buildup. The procedure can be done in one visit and takes approximately one to two hours. Additionally, we do prophylaxis that involves standard cleaning of the mouth and can help with gingivitis or mild periodontal disease.

Surgical Therapies for Gum Disease

Severe cases of periodontal disease may require surgical procedures to address gum recession. A surgical procedure may involve removing the soft tissues of the gum to expose the tooth’s root. It uncovers the root, allowing for a more thorough root scaling and planing process.

Our dentist could recommend other regenerative procedures depending on your gums and teeth. Since resorption can change the teeth and gum’s structure, bone grafting takes fragments of your bone to address bone resorption.

Visit Vanyo Dentistry in Durham, NC, to let our dentist treat your gum disease early on.

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